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As coordinator of the IAM department:

Class: Art and Code

See the website I built for this class

I designed the class Art and Code, which is still running 4 years later, to be a beginning coding class available to anyone in the entire college. The class takes an artistic approach to code. Each student learned to code by making a series of art works based on output from small programs they wrote. This class was successful in teaching non-coders to code, and also brought more students from other departments into the IAM department.

Class: Interactive Culture

See the website I built for this class

I designed this class as a blend of art history, media theory, and digital literacy. It covers topics from Postmodernism to open source operating systems. Standard approaches in media theory such as semiotics, critical thinking, and deconstructive strategies are used to explore digital media that are interactive. Students made 3 interactive projects, wrote 2 papers, and delivered a final presentation. The last day of class is a mix of games, art installations, performances, and workshops.